Bridge over River Bentota

We cross the bridge over the River Bentota by car. The railway track of Diesel engine powered trains shares the same bridge.

Turtle hatcheries

At the north end of Induruwa is one of the turtle hatcheries set up to protect turtle eggs till they hatch. Turtle eggs, which would otherwise be eaten, are bought for a few rupees each from local fishermen ...

Sightseeing at Bentota

For a seaside destination best known for its water sport activities. However, there are a few sightseeing options available here.

Sea Turtles Project

The sea turtles project is one of the turtle hatcheries located along the southern coast, this hatchery is located 3 Km south of the Bentota bridge.


For the diver that seeks new discoveries Bentota with its protected marine spots and the rich fauna offers the perfect destination.

Bentota River Boat Safaris

Explore the uncharted mangroves that are placed along the Bentota River on a boat safari. The safaris start at the final part of the broad Bentota River, close upon the Bentota Bridge and cruises ...

Water Sports

The broad lagoon and the wide spans of the sea make Bentota the perfect place for a water sport enthusiasts.
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