Car Rentals in Bentota

Renting a car is possible in Bentota. There are primarily small cars available on rent here.

The approximate cost of renting a small car in Bentota is Rs 10,000 per week, with a mileage restriction of 90 km per day.

To rent a car in Bentota or other parts of the country, one needs to be at least 23 years of age and possess a valid international or Sri Lankan driving license.

Cars in Bentota are available on rent with and without a driver. In case a driver is hired along with the car, night charges apply in addition to the rental cost of the car. There are no international or domestic car rental companies available in the city. However, there are operators in the city who have partnered with international chains like Avis and Hertz who provide them with old cars.

Car rentals in Bentota can be done from the international airport itself or within the city also.
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